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ABOUT: the blog

This journey began in a hotel room in July 2009.

I had just moved back home to Louisville and ran off to a hotel for the weekend with a bottle of expensive shampoo, a bottle of cheap wine,  and my laptop to escape the anxiety that had built up concerning it all.   Awhile prior to that weekend, I had downloaded a whole mess of New Jack Swing, some songs I loved when I was younger and hadn’t listened to in years.  Upon relistening, I discovered that a lot of the stuff that I and my peers grew up listening to was on some bullshit! Song after song, I heard something else that made me go “wait, what?’  I started jotting them down, and that turned into an entry at my main blog called “Ridiculous Moments in New Jack Swing,” which appeared there and amongst the awesomeness at PostBourgie.

After that, it was like I had a spidey sense for this shit.  My brain just focuses in on foolishment in music now, and I find some reason to shake my head at like 8 out of ever 10 songs I hear.  The Ridiculous New Jack Swing post was followed up with two Ridiculous Moments in R&B posts, and as I sat to write the third, I thought to myself, “self, you should probably just get another blog for this stuff because it’s pretty much taking this place over.”  And that’s what I done.  Welcome to the asinine world of all the stuff you don’t hear when you listen to your hippety hop and your rippity rap and your shoobie doo wop jams.

A few entries here and there will be lifted from past lists, but only because they’re some of my favorite head-shaking songs of all time.  Not because I’m hard up for content.  Because I’m sure that as long as actors think they can sing just because they can afford studio time and as long as Johnny Gill makes those crazy faces when he sings, there will always, always, be something to talk about.

Thanks for joining me.  I love you.

-Brokey “Party All the Time” McPoverty

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