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Alexander O’Neal: Sexy Face Fail.

November 11, 2010

Let me be the first to say that Alexander O’Neal‘s ‘If You Were Here Tonight’ is a truly, truly beautiful song.  He had a lot of talent and potential.  Shame he got hooked on that White Girl and snorted it all away.  Anyway, this song is awesome, but the video?  Not so much.

To be fair, let’s put it into context:  It was made in 1985, and all videos were corny and cheesy then.  Ridiculous fashion, crappy sets.  That’s not his fault.  What is his fault though, are those terrible, TERRIBLE sexy faces he’s makin’ all up in the camera!  Why didn’t the director pick up on that?  I’d point you to a particular point in the video, but really, just pick a spot.  You’ll see it in due time.

As a bonus bit of ridiculousness, though, head to the 3:17 minute mark.  You should see him tossing and turning in the bed, unable to sleep because his boo isn’t there.  Keep watching and wait for him to start awake, singing, then attempt to be both sexy and confused at the same time.  Then come back and explain to me why the !#%& he felt it necessary to act up like that.  Thanks!

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  1. December 8, 2010 5:32 pm

    *blink blink*

    Ew. That was all kinds of unctuous. I feel like I need to wipe my hands off on my jeans.

    The ’80s decor had me sucked in so I almost missed the self-pleasuring faces he was making at the end.

    I bet he practiced making those “sexy” faces in a mirror before the shoot.

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