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Misogyny Will Make Them Love Us Again!

July 1, 2010

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If you’re like me, you have a holy ghost fit everytime “Poison” comes on the radio.  Bell Biv Devoe had some certified bangers back in the day, from “When Will I See You Smile Again” to “Something in your Eyes.”  I loved them.  Oddly enough, I didn’t notice when they kind of faded off the map.. just the law of the r&b land, I guess.  One minute you’re hot, the next minute you’re playing gigs at malls and county fairs.  I sure as hell noticed when they tried to poke their heads back through the door, though.  With a song called “Dance, Bitch,” it was kind of hard not to.

To their credit, I guess, you kind of hinted at some latent creepiness with that “backstage, underage/adolescent” line in “Do Me.”  But in spite of that, y’all were a pretty decent group of guys.  Not too raunchy, not too crass (from what I remember, anyway).  This was just way too much for anybody to believe.

In addition to commanding some random, faceless, nameless bitch to dance repeatedly in the chorus, they got the lightskinned dude tellin’ some girl to “know her position/stay in the kitchen.”  UM, WAT?  What does this even have to do with a stripper at a club??

So how successful was this venture?  Well… let’s just say that Ronnie Devoe is shakin’ it for Remax now*.

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*He’s actually moved on to his own real estate company.   But we find that business card really, really funny.

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  1. July 1, 2010 3:11 pm

    Yeah I remember seeing this a while back. Hey it’s a legal job and brings in money, so I can’t be mad at him. Though I would love to be there when a fan has him take her to see a house and ask him to sing to her to close the deal. “If you sing to me I’ll sign the papers on this house.”

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. July 1, 2010 4:42 pm

    ROFL! First Zack, the Black Power Ranger giving karate/body roll lessons, and now Ronnie’s in real estate? A mean a check will always be a check, and it’s better than seeing either one of them on Intervention doing an epic slave cry, but still…

    Is this a trend? I think you should do a round up of Where Are They Now: Random Business Ventures Edition. I’d read it!

  3. July 2, 2010 3:02 am

    Side note, but also awesome story:

    I met ronnie at work a few yrs ago during one of their many reunion concerts, and I was so excited! I told him NE was my first concert for my 5th birthday, then asked for a pic, which was my fb pic for a while.
    Then I met his wife, the chick from blaque that wasn’t the darkskinned 1 or the 1 who rapped, and I couldn’t remember who she was (I thought she had went to my high school). Her wedding ring, was sick. It is hypnotizing. Later that night she got drunk and flashed her breasts at the bar.
    The end.

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